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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Successful Inspirational Stories Utilizing Business Opportunities

Nadiem Makarim was born in Jakarta 34 years ago. At July 4, 1984. His education started from elementary school in Jakarta and graduated from high school in Singapore, Nadiem continued his education at Brown University, USA and majored in International Relations. During the year he participated in a foreign exchange program at the London School of Economics. He had continued his studies at Harvard Business School, Harvard University and graduated with the title of Master of Business of Administration. He also worked at a McKinsey & Company company a well-known consultant in Jakarta and spent three years working there. He was also known to have worked as a Co-founder and Managing Editor at Zalora Indonesia.
Successful Inspirational Stories Utilizing Business Opportunities

Beginning of Establishing Go-jek

Considering the severe congestion in the capital, Nadiem Makarim used ojek services more often when he went to the office than using his private car. This is what inspired Nadiem Makarim to establish Go-jek.

Nadiem often talks with his motorcycle taxi drivers. From the results of his conversations and observations, he learned that most of the time many motorbike taxi drivers spend to hang out and wait for passengers. While at the ojek base, motorcycle taxi drivers take turns with their fellow motorcycle taxi drivers to take passengers.

Starting from often talking, he got the idea of ​​making innovations about how people can easily order motorbike taxis through cellphones without having to going to the ojek base, so people who are far away from the base of motorcycle taxis can enjoy it. Motorcycle taxi drivers do not have to stand by, sharing passengers with fellow motorcycle taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi users will also be guaranteed safety.

His interest in the services of motorcycle taxi drivers managed to deliver Nadiem Makarim to become an entrepreneur. Exactly In 2011, Nadiem slowly pioneered this online motorcycle taxi business, but still using the manual system or still using telephone and sms services.

At now, there are 15 thousand online motorcycle taxi drivers who are members of Go-Jek. Although there are pros and cons in the journey with the base motorcycle taxi drivers who refuse Go-Jek's presence on the grounds that they reduce their income.

Nadiem Makarim's hope is to expand the reach of Go-Jek throughout the archipelago. The service is now not limited to delivering passengers, but can also be a courier or food delivery agent.


This inspirational story from Nadiem Makarim is worthy for us, because opportunities for success not only come from employees with strategic positions. But what can we got from the inspirational story above is how we can take advantage of the opportunity to become a business field and even make a field of work for other people.