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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CorelDraw Shirt Vector

It's been very often we try to experiment or just imagine being able to design our own clothes that we wear everyday. But now that hope will soon become real, why? because you can design it using CorelDraw.
shirt template coreldraw

As we know that CorelDraw is computer software that we easily use to draw and conceptualize whatever we want. And at this time Gatsu Blog will share clothes design concepts in CorelDraw (CDR) files.

This design is the best work from BUNGSUPangauban, and I only share it with you. So I say a big thanks to the design makers.

Download CorelDraw Shirt Vector

Note: This design is created using CorelDraw x4 and cannot be opened using the lower coreldraw version.

Credit: BUNGSUPangauban